Director's Notes

So what is Jerusalem Or Bust for? It's a daydream for the coming night. I think it's true to say that our planet is experiencing a time of shaking. A shaking that I suspect is sadly going to increase in turbulence. Mankind has chosen a secular path to tread, one that promotes the individual and denies the One who created them.


Jerusalem Or Bust seeks to present an alternative picture, of a Divine lover who is looking for his beloved, to cherish and protect in a house he's personally building.



A journey of faith began many years ago with a divine conversation director and musician Nick Breakspear had whilst working as a restaurant chef in Lancashire, England. The outcome of this heart-to-heart with “the management” was that Nick left his work-a-day job allured by the yummiest aroma ever, wafting from another mysterious kitchen.

This whiff, represented in the film, comes from the direction of Jerusalem, so he set off in search of the heavenly sauce! On route, he happens upon a colourful host of characters – be it in the air or by sea or through the burning desert – they end up joining him on this modern-day pilgrimage with an ancient twist – to go up to Jerusalem, or Bust if they don’t!

Regular signposts are useless on this journey!


The only clue you’ll get is this? You’ve got to be able to smell the aroma to know which way to go – because it’s coming from an eternal kitchen where Chef de Cuisine of all time is cooking up a fabulous wedding feast.


Beauty for Ashes (2016)

After hearing about the passing away of an acquaintance, Poppy – a homeless man from Rochdale, Breakspear kept thinking about his life and its sad end. “Life doesn’t have to be like this” – does it? The result was this song that Nick sang at his funeral, weeks later the experience bugged him to record it. Clearly a bigger picture was emerging. A picture that needed painting – so the Inc filmed it! Without any funds they set off on a journey of tiny steps to tell a story that needs to be told.

Hoopoe (2014)

A musical piece inspired while filming a different project on onboard The Next Wave tall-ship sailing from Cyprus to Israel. Whilst in the middle of The Mediterranean Sea, a Hoopoe bird landed on the shoulder of director Nick Breakspear. The Hoopoe is officially recognized as the National Bird of Israel and is quite significant in Scripture – Leviticus 11:13–19. Interesting that Israel chose an unclean bird to represent its avian status – Whatever the rationale behind their choice Nick was thrilled to be welcomed into the land by this feathered messenger.

The Red Door (2014)

Commissioned by Arrowhead Ministries of Perth, Australia. The Red Door is a short film following a young girl on a personal journey from isolation to turning the handle and opening a door to new opportunities back home. I am still getting comments about this video. Some people had tears in their eyes as they watched Hannah Jones… great job Hannah! Others were blown away when the light shone through the open door. Very awesome everyone. – Gloria Miller, Arrowhead Ministries

Stones from the Staircase (2013)

Filmed in some of the world’s most picturesque locations, this charming story begins with a significant conversation in Old Jerusalem long before a modern-day encounter with an Australian Aborigine who offers the audience a cryptic gift signifying a divine marker – reaching its geographical destination. Accompanied by a contemporary soundtrack, ‘Stones from the Staircase’ is a thought provoking and intriguing yarn, unraveling full-circle back to its sacred source like a spiritual boomerang.

Corro-gated (2008)

A contemporary short film depicting the inspirational life of Anges Jones, who became the first trained Nursing Superintendent of Liverpool Workhouse Infirmary. She dedicated her time and energy to her patients and died at the age of 35. Musically carried by ‘Corro-gated’; a track from Breakspears album Fishing in the Deep, the film highlights the plight of the homeless in the UK and the kindness of humanity. Created for the Walking Through Windows Centenary Exhibition at Liverpool`s Anglican Cathedral. Credits on IMDb

Valerie’s Orchard (2006)

Valerie’s Orchard is a compelling film about an 86 year old Hungarian lady living in Jerusalem, who amazingly survived the Holocaust, in particular Auschwitz Birkenau and the infamous “Death March”. Filmed on location in Israel, Eastern Europe and England, this amazing story features Valerie’s personal experiences; which are depicted through a unique perspective – Using original fine art pencil drawings of olive trees. Credits on IMDb | The Visual Center at the Online Film Database - Yad Vashem The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, Jerusalem.

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