We need an Antidote, anyone got any ideas?

Mise en Place- get ready the Bridegroom is coming; it could be a bumpy ride on the way to the Wedding Feast! On Saturday May 12th Breakspear Inc will launch the long-awaited dream-song adventure “Jerusalem or Bust”.


For the past decade, I have been painting an alternative picture based on personal experience and biblical insight – where a redeeming Bridegroom returns for his beloved Bride and finally puts an end to war and suffering. 


Sound fanciful? Well, history clearly shows that so far mankind hasn’t been able to achieve this on its own - Maybe we need external help?


Could this be a “God help us moment”? One where we really do “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all who live in her”. Dare we DREAM this BIG? We may never know unless we try…


Nick Breakspear, Director


Short Synopsis


Unconventional road trip adventure. A discontented chef sniffs an alluring aroma and is whisked away on a modern-day pilgrimage. Jerusalem or Bust is a quirky lyrical experience dusted with divine stories served up by a host of zany characters who he meets along the way. This semi-autobiographical anthology film is written and directed by musician Nick Breakspear, assisted by a small army of creative playmates from all over the world – ending with a dreamy feast on the shores of a sacred beach.

Long Synopsis


Unconventional, musical road trip from creative artist and musician Nick Breakspear. Jerusalem or Bust is a mesmerising exploration of faith, discovery, and adventure in a dream-like-world.


Breakspear stars as himself in a semi-autobiographical journey, playing a professional chef who receives a mysterious package whilst working in a restaurant kitchen – where he overhears a divine voice speaking through a fragrant aroma – the upshot is a hitchhike lift to the airport before the reality-altering adventure really begins.


Made to jump 30,000ft from an aeroplane, he lands in a shipyard and boards a ship captained by a historic sea captain from the past. The crew embark on a nautical journey to Israel and are welcomed by a Bridesmaid with apples and honey. The aroma allures them into the sweltering desert where they encounter a wise Cowboy who shares a biblical story of the Bridegroom Messiah looking for his Bride.


While trekking the arid wilderness, Nick stumbles across Bezalel, a blindfolded artist who is building a heavenly house for the bridegroom and his beloved to inhabit. Whilst the scent of Jerusalem’s golden horizon is inviting, the crew are distracted by another sight in the sky. This begins a whole new journey into No Man’s Land…